Commit b61c70e2 authored by Tomasz Wlostowski's avatar Tomasz Wlostowski Committed by Alessandro Rubini

kernel/wr_nic/timestamp.c: fixed PPSgen UTC correction bug

parent f18bb5f7
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ void wrn_tstamp_find_skb(struct wrn_dev *wrn, int desc)
/* so we found the skb, do the timestamping magic */
hwts = skb_hwtstamps(skb);
wrn_ppsg_read_time(wrn, &counter_ppsg, &utc);
if(counter_ppsg > 3*REFCLK_FREQ/4 && wrn->ts_buf[i].ts < REFCLK_FREQ/4)
if(counter_ppsg < wrn->ts_buf[i].ts)
ts.tv_sec = (s32)utc & 0x7fffffff;
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