Commit da8cd5cd authored by Jean-Claude BAU's avatar Jean-Claude BAU

wrsw_hal: PPSG_CMD_POLL returns now the busy value

- Was returning the !busy before. return busy value (1=busy, 0=not busy)
is more clear to understand.
parent 40718f5e
Subproject commit 98746394741105f243e968b82504495b71b97fb0
Subproject commit b2195fc03215710df482cc8df1ab6d8d8a30448d
......@@ -136,8 +136,7 @@ int halexp_pps_cmd(int cmd, hexp_pps_params_t * params)
delay calculation. */
busy = shw_pps_gen_busy() || hal_port_pshifter_busy();
return busy ? 0 : 1;
return shw_pps_gen_busy() || hal_port_pshifter_busy();
return shw_pps_gen_enable_output(params->pps_valid);
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