Commit 079b7847 authored by Alessandro Rubini's avatar Alessandro Rubini

dev/devicelist: bugfix: introduce back the vendor identifier

[Note: this patch can be preserved or squashed into commit
  replace sdb.c with new library-based code
at the maintainer's best choice]

My initial code assumed the vendor is always VID_CERN, but this is
not true: some cells we use are VID_GSI.  This takes care of the thing.

To save a little space, instead of adding a 64-bit field to the data
structure describing a device, I add an integer field stating whether
the device is CERN or GSI.
Signed-off-by: Alessandro Rubini's avatarAlessandro Rubini <>
parent baf311b6
......@@ -52,23 +52,37 @@ void sdb_print_devices(void)
/* To save a little size, we enumerate our vendors */
#define VID_CERN 0x0000ce42LL
#define VID_GSI 0x00000651LL
enum {
static int vendors[] = {
struct wrc_device {
unsigned char **base;
/* uint64_t vid; -- lazily, we know it's CERN always */
int vendor;
uint32_t did;
#define VID_CERN 0x0000ce42LL
#define VID_GSI 0x00000651LL
static uint64_t vid
struct wrc_device devs[] = {
{&BASE_MINIC, 0xab28633a},
{&BASE_EP, 0x650c2d4f},
{&BASE_SOFTPLL, 0x65158dc0},
{&BASE_PPS_GEN, 0xde0d8ced},
{&BASE_SYSCON, 0xff07fc47},
{&BASE_UART, 0xe2d13d04},
{&BASE_ONEWIRE, 0x779c5443},
{&BASE_ETHERBONE_CFG, 0x68202b22},
{&BASE_MINIC, VID_IS_CERN, 0xab28633a},
{&BASE_EP, VID_IS_CERN, 0x650c2d4f},
{&BASE_SOFTPLL, VID_IS_CERN, 0x65158dc0},
{&BASE_PPS_GEN, VID_IS_CERN, 0xde0d8ced},
{&BASE_SYSCON, VID_IS_CERN, 0xff07fc47},
{&BASE_UART, VID_IS_CERN, 0xe2d13d04},
{&BASE_ONEWIRE, VID_IS_CERN, 0x779c5443},
void sdb_find_devices(void)
......@@ -83,6 +97,6 @@ void sdb_find_devices(void)
for (d = devs, i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(devs); d++, i++) {
*(d->base) = (void *)sdbfs_find_id(&wrc_fpga_sdb,
VID_CERN, d->did);
vnedirs[d->vendor], d->did);
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