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tools/sdbfs updating README for standalone sdbfs generation

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......@@ -32,7 +32,13 @@ wasted on disk for them and the output file is short).
To create the flash filesystem image, don't forget about setting the sector
size. For flash chip on SPEC card, it is 64k:
gensdbfs -b 65536 tools/sdbfs /tmp/sdb-wrpc.bin
gensdbfs -b 65536 tools/sdbfs-flash /tmp/sdb-wrpc.bin
For non-Linux users, who want to use Xilinx Impact or promgen to merge their own
bitstream with the sdbfs image for standalone SPEC/SVEC operation, the image
generated has to be modified. Normally, first part of the sdbfs image is the
empty gateware file. These bytes have to be cut:
cut -b 1507329- /tmp/sdb-wrpc.bin > /tmp/sdb-wrpc-standalone.bin
To check: "sdb-read -l /tmp/sdb-wrpc.bin":
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