Commit 221078ee authored by Dimitris Lampridis's avatar Dimitris Lampridis

hdl: update gn4124 and general-cores to bring in stability fixes

parent 1a18a6f0
Subproject commit afdb951621faa7c9f797b3f22b8ee3d948e6b219
Subproject commit 89f33dc365e9ad3a54fdba5c287da2a40495e95b
Subproject commit a472d47fde3bbeb4a51b98681922d7134b2758e2
Subproject commit 4e5f7badf0b72f51bdb01c63fcdc6d69afb4b750
Subproject commit 6c4dca2cad82db1064972a8f0ee7aa80aa6d5d42
Subproject commit b57528861e0ee8351b87dc3d4ec4da6a118b4a48
Subproject commit 6794030e19c0e86ae5d3c0908b2f3797d951cb98
Subproject commit a7f004e8df41df80807d3dbe32b9d50e7a639047
Subproject commit acd8e81ca573703fe4a530e016a79b9f5760c0e2
Subproject commit 3dcac4483417a159f0b9495adab0c15b7b45692b
......@@ -252,7 +252,6 @@ TIMESPEC TS_dmtd_skew = FROM "skew_limit" TO "FFS" 1 ns DATAPATHONLY;
# GN4124
NET "gn_rst_n_i" TIG;
NET "cmp_gn4124_core/cmp_wrapped_gn4124/rst_*" TIG;
# Ignore async reset inputs to reset synchronisers
NET "*/gc_reset_async_in" TIG;
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