zio version 1.0

Today, 2013-01-21, we released zio-1.0.
Added by Alessandro Rubini on 21 Jan 2013 at 21:17

I just pushed commit "zio-beta4-96-g1678b01" as zio-v1.0 .

This is 96 commits since we tagged beta4, and in the last two weeks a lot
has changed to the better, simplifying the internal hairy details and
clarifying the documentation.

The most important features (ignoring bug fixes, for stuff that was exposed
by the new data flow or corner case that never happened):

  • the control structure is now 1.0, with alarms and TLV.
  • files are renamed, with shorter and better names
  • master builds and is tested from 2.6.32 up to current kernels
  • the manual has more images, is bigger and clearer
  • self-timed devices work perfectly with the default trigger
  • zero-size blocks (control-only) are supported both in input and output
  • TDC and DTC examples are included
  • persistent alarms are there (can be cleared in sysfs)
  • current-control is available in sysfs for monitoring
  • device name and address are available in sysfs


Cloned read-only repo, renamed and tarred:

Thanks a lot to Federico, for great code and review. Which includes
branch "zio-v1.0-backport" that builds cleanly for 2.6.24 and all
kernels from 2.6.26 up to 2.6.31 (master works for 2.6.32 onwards).