FMC Delay 1ns 4cha - Gateware Releases

SVEC and SPEC carriers
Release Date Changelog
2.0 31.03.2014 SVEC: official support for White Rabbit on both mezzanines.
SVEC: squeezed A24 window size to 0x80000.
All carriers: Support for interrupts through the VIC interrupt controller.
All carriers: Embedded SDB synthesis information.
WR Core: Integrated v2.1 of the WR PTP Core HDL and firmware.
FD Core: ACAM TDC now works in G-Mode (fixes 1.5 ns timestamping errors).
FD Core: reset ACAM fifo after each sample (prevents timestamp corruption when pulse rate is too high).
FD Core: WR Core has no physical access to the mezzanine if disabled by the driver.
FD Core: improvements in DDMTD calibration logic.
FD Core: shortened arbitration period for the '89295 lines to achieve 600 ns minimum delay.
2.1 18.12.2014 SVEC&SPEC: Fixed the Heisenbug (see release page for the details).