White Rabbit

White Rabbit provides sub-nanosecond accuracy and picoseconds precision of synchronization for large distributed systems. It also allows for deterministic and reliable data delivery.
White Rabbit allows you to precision time-tag measured data and lets you trigger data taking in large installations while at the same time using the same network to transmit data.

  • sub-nanosecond synchronization
  • connecting thousands of nodes
  • typical distances of 10 km between nodes
  • Ethernet-based gigabit rate reliable data transfer
  • fully open hardware, firmware and software
  • multi-vendor commercially produced hardware

White Rabbit Project

White Rabbit Technology

White Rabbit System

White Rabbit Users (full list)

  • Control and Timing System at CERN and GSI (Switzerland, Germany)
  • Timing System in Gamma-Ray and Cosmic-Ray experiment HiSCORE-EA at the Tunka-133 Cherenkov EAS-Array (Siberia)
  • Comparison and synchronization of geographically distant atomic clocks (Finland, The Netherlands)
  • Timing and Acquisition system at LHAASO Telescope (China)
  • Users of White Rabbit Technology

22 May 2017