Commit 4c295d70 authored by Lucas Russo's avatar Lucas Russo

sm_io/*/sm_ch_si57x.c: use 300ms when resetting Si57x to inital configuration

Sometimes, only 30ms is not enough to si57x to reset
(maybe we are a bit oo fast on waiting). So, we use 300ms
and everything worked again.
parent 00957c2d
...@@ -394,8 +394,8 @@ static smch_err_e _smch_si57x_get_defaults (smch_si57x_t *self, double fout) ...@@ -394,8 +394,8 @@ static smch_err_e _smch_si57x_get_defaults (smch_si57x_t *self, double fout)
uint8_t data = SI57X_CONTROL_RECALL; uint8_t data = SI57X_CONTROL_RECALL;
_smch_si57x_write_8 (self, SI57X_REG_CONTROL, &data); _smch_si57x_write_8 (self, SI57X_REG_CONTROL, &data);
/* Si57x takes up to 30ms to return to initial conditions */ /* Si57x takes up to 30ms to return to initial conditions. To be safe, use 300ms */
SMCH_SI57X_WAIT(30000); SMCH_SI57X_WAIT(300000);
/* Read dividers */ /* Read dividers */
err = _smch_si57x_get_divs (self, &self->rfreq, &self->n1, &self->hs_div); err = _smch_si57x_get_divs (self, &self->rfreq, &self->n1, &self->hs_div);
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