Hot Fix include_dirs mechanism

parent ffa3ba6c
......@@ -190,15 +190,9 @@ class ModuleContent(ModuleCore):
srcs = SourceFileSet()
# Check if this is the top module and grab the include_dirs
if self.parent is None:
if 'include_dirs' in self.manifest_dict:
include_dirs = self.manifest_dict['include_dirs']
include_dirs = []
include_dirs = self.manifest_dict.get('include_dirs', [])
if 'include_dirs' in self.manifest_dict:
include_dirs = self.top_module.manifest_dict['include_dirs']
include_dirs = []
include_dirs = self.top_module.manifest_dict.get('include_dirs', [])
for path_aux in paths:
if os.path.isdir(path_aux):
dir_ = os.listdir(path_aux)
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