Commit f43ca199 authored by Federico Vaga's avatar Federico Vaga

wrtd: add tdc and fd submodules

Signed-off-by: Federico Vaga's avatarFederico Vaga <>
parent e1a0f210
......@@ -4,3 +4,9 @@
[submodule "fmc-bus"]
path = fmc-bus
url =
[submodule "applications/wrtd/fmc-tdc-sw"]
path = applications/wrtd/fmc-tdc-sw
url =
[submodule "applications/wrtd/fine-delay-sw"]
path = applications/wrtd/fine-delay-sw
url =
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
.PHONY: all clean modules install modules_install clean_all
.PHONY: gitmodules prereq prereq_install prereq_install_warn prereq_clean
DIRS = lib tools
DIRS = fmc-tdc-sw fine-delay-sw lib tools
all clean modules install modules_install: gitmodules
for d in $(DIRS); do $(MAKE) -C $$d $@ || exit 1; done
fine-delay-sw @ d1bc2304
Subproject commit d1bc23040a1dd02f0a495fd5c4a9293093e3f7f7
fmc-tdc-sw @ eb6ded96
Subproject commit eb6ded9600d41d58ef350e57cac945026e4a3e27
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