Commit 8686a16e authored by Gregor Schmidt's avatar Gregor Schmidt

Changing the way, links to the wiki_syntax help page are generated

This fixes a comment, that was sitting there for more than 2 years.
parent 9d13deee
......@@ -20,9 +20,8 @@ module Redmine
module Textile
module Helper
def wikitoolbar_for(field_id)
# Is there a simple way to link to a public resource?
url = "#{Redmine::Utils.relative_url_root}/help/wiki_syntax.html"
url = url_for(:controller => 'help', :action => 'wiki_syntax')
help_link = l(:setting_text_formatting) + ': ' +
link_to(l(:label_help), url,
:onclick => "\"#{ url }\", \"\", \"resizable=yes, location=no, width=300, height=640, menubar=no, status=no, scrollbars=yes\"); return false;",
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