Commit 598aeff3 authored by Grzegorz Daniluk's avatar Grzegorz Daniluk

vfc_hd: update vme irq port name

parent 176f7b3a
......@@ -128,13 +128,13 @@ loc AW19 vme_data_dir_o
loc AE29 vme_as_n_i
loc AK27 vme_addr_oe_n_o
loc AJ27 vme_addr_dir_o
loc AK22 vme_irq_n_o[1]
loc AT21 vme_irq_n_o[2]
loc AR21 vme_irq_n_o[3]
loc AH22 vme_irq_n_o[4]
loc AG22 vme_irq_n_o[5]
loc AU20 vme_irq_n_o[6]
loc AT20 vme_irq_n_o[7]
loc AK22 vme_irq_o[1]
loc AT21 vme_irq_o[2]
loc AR21 vme_irq_o[3]
loc AH22 vme_irq_o[4]
loc AG22 vme_irq_o[5]
loc AU20 vme_irq_o[6]
loc AT20 vme_irq_o[7]
loc AD24 vme_data_b[0]
loc AD23 vme_data_b[1]
loc AU24 vme_data_b[2]
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