Commit 9ebabccc authored by Tjeerd Pinkert's avatar Tjeerd Pinkert Committed by Miguel Jimenez Lopez

kernel/wb-regs: fix alignment of line in Makefile

parent 56ee210f
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ MODULES_WRC ?= $(REPOS)/wr-cores/modules
#SPECS = $(HW_REPO)/trunk/documentation/specifications
WB_ENDPOINT = $(MODULES_WRC)/wr_endpoint/ep_wishbone_controller.wb
WB_MDIO = $(MODULES_WRC)/wr_endpoint/pcs_regs.wb
WB_MDIO = $(MODULES_WRC)/wr_endpoint/pcs_regs.wb
WB_PPSG = $(MODULES_WRC)/wr_pps_gen/pps_gen_wb.wb
WB_TSTAMP = $(MODULES_WRS)/wrsw_txtsu/wrsw_txtsu.wb
WB_RTU = $(MODULES_WRS)/wrsw_rtu/rtu_wishbone_slave.wb
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